Build: 4e20905f

Update Details

Improved Navigation App

We enhanced navigation and usability for a more seamless experience, and the vehicle will inform you of how much time you can save if you use a suggested route that’s faster than your current route.

Enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity and Audio

We improved the stability of the Bluetooth connection and enhanced the audio performance.

Additional Improvements:

This software release includes the following:

  • Improved automatic locking and unlocking of vehicle
  • Improved Highway Assist performance
  • Improved Driver+ safety and awareness notifications
  • Improved climate and defrost performance
  • Enhanced User Interface (UI) support for the backup camera view
  • Enhanced infotainment system performance and stability Enhanced switching between apps for smoother transitions on the center display
  • Made various Ul improvements to enhance usability


The rear display is temporarily locked and will be available for use in a future update.