Build: 6ab8b27e

Update Details


This new on-road only mode enhances confidence and control on roads and highways with snow, slush, or ice. A relaxed pedal response and reduced regenerative braking allow for more precise control on low-grip road surfaces. Also, the vehicle offers improved performance when it slows to a stop. Go to Drive Modes > Snow.


To go off road in snow, use the Off-Road All-Terrain mode.


If you have the Rivian mobile app version 1.9 or later, you have two options:

  • Share a charger address from the Rivian mobile app: Open the Charger Map. View the details for the charger you want, and then choose Send to vehicle.
  • Share any address from Google Maps™ or Apple® Maps: Search for an address. Choose Share for the address you want, and then choose the Rivian mobile app from the list of options to share.


With the Rivian mobile app version 1.9 or later, you have remote cabin preconditioning controls so you can remotely prepare the cabin climate for travel in cold weather:

  • Heat the front and rear seats.
  • Heat the steering wheel.
  • Turn on defrost. (This option is available after you turned on the cabin climate from the Rivian mobile app.)


TIDAL® is now available in the Media app. To use TIDAL, log into a paid account when your vehicle is in Park and has cellular or Wi-Fi® connectivity.


Music playback from a free account is currently not supported.


For Spotify® and TIDAL, you can add a song to a queue and view a song queue to find out which songs will play next. For Spotify, you can do the following to further customize your music listening experience:

  • Search or play a stand-alone song, and add it to the queue.
  • Open an album, playlist, or audiobook, and add those tracks to the queue.


You can now set different volume levels for various audio sources, including voice navigation, phone calls, media, and Alexa. Choose Volume at the bottom right of the center display to adjust the volume of the audio source that is currently active. To access controls for the other audio sources, choose the audio source button located above the volume control. You can also use the left thumb control on the steering wheel to set the volume of the audio source that is currently active.


The Settings app now offers a new Data and Privacy tab to provide better visibility and control over vehicle data that is shared and used. We’ve added options to limit sharing of precise location data to support certain features and services. We’ve also added options that allow you to enable your vehicle’s interior camera to support safety features. To review and confirm your data privacy settings, go to Settings > Data and Privacy.


If you limit sharing of precise location data, Highway Assist won’t be available.


  • Improved ride quality with updated suspension settings and refined the Drive Modes > Ride settings as follows:
    • Soft: Active dampening improvements to ride quality.
    • Stiff: Improved handling capabilities.
  • Improved battery longevity, battery durability, and regenerative braking performance. Also enhanced regen availability, and you can use regen for longer durations.


    Regen performance may be reduced at lower ambient temperatures.

  • When Gear Guard video is disabled, overnight range loss can be reduced by up to 20%.
  • The vehicle can now sleep even if a door is left open.
  • Improved responsiveness and reliability of key card taps and key fob button presses when the vehicle is asleep.
  • In the Navigation app, you can now set your current location as our Home or Work location.
  • Improved automatic humidity control to help keep the cabin more comfortable.
  • Fixed an issue so the vehicle now reverts to Auto for the cabin climate after you choose Defrost or Defog.
  • Fixed rare occurrences when a Gear Guard animation was displayed while you drove or charged the vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to set proximity locking to Off at Home without a prompt to add a Home location.
  • Improved stability of the infotainment system by fixing rare occurrences of restarts for the Phone app, FM radio, and center display.
  • Fixed a rare issue when the center and driver displays flashed white during start-up.
  • Addressed a rare issue when voice navigation unmuted itself.
  • Fixed a rare issue in which Spotify didn’t play your selection.
  • Addressed an occasional issue when the Roomy entry and exit feature was disabled after the vehicle updated its software and then went to sleep.
  • If your windows require calibration, the center display notifies you to reset the windows. Choose Owner’s Guide from the menu on the center display. Search for Reset the Windows and follow the instructions.
  • Improved the SOS or emergency call feature to help prevent accidental calls by increasing the duration of the cancellation period on the center display from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Fixed a rare issue when a password was required for an open Wi-Fi network.
  • Addressed an issue that turned off Pet Comfort when you heated the steering wheel.
  • Highway Assist improvement to more easily override automatic steering when you want to take over.
  • Addressed a rare issue when Highway Assist disengaged during heavy traffic conditions with low visibility of lane markings.
  • Improved Highway Assist availability on banked roads.
  • Fixed a rare issue when after the vehicle displayed a warning that your hands were off of the wheel, it erroneously displayed a failure notification if you moved the steering wheel.