Build: 30311129

Update Details

Software Version 2023.10.01


An exclusive Tuneln® Premium trial for 365 days is now available for Rivian customers. With Tuneln Premium you have access to:

  • Every MLB and NHL game. Live. No blackouts.
  • Nonstop news coverage. commercial free.
  • Less ads on 100 000 radio stations.

NOTE You may lose access to Tuneln Premium channels unless you activate the free trial or have a Premium account.


Your vehicle now shows select Tesla Supercharger locations with a Magic Dock in the Navigation app’s charger filters. A Magic Dock allows you to charge your Rivian at select Tesla Supercharger locations. These locations also show in the Rivian mobile app version 1.12 or later. To charge at a Tesla Supercharger, you need to download the Tesla app.


This release enables vehicle Plug and Charge functionality when charging on the Rivian Adventure Network and Waypoints Chargers, in order to provide a seamless experience.

NOTE This feature will be introduced on the Rivian Adventure Network and Waypoints Chargers on a rolling basis.


  • Highway Assist has been improved to reduce the frequency of hands-on warnings when Highway Assist is active in stop-and-go traffic scenarios. You still must remain attentive and should be prepared to take control of the vehicle at any time while Highway Assist is engaged. For more information, please see the Owner’s Guide.
  • You can now release your tailgate with mobile app version 1.12 and later.
  • Improved range loss when a phone key is near the vehicle for long periods of time.
  • Improved phone key and key fob proximity unlocking consistency.
  • You can now toggle the exterior lock sound on and off. Choose SettingsVehicleAccessLock Sound (exterior)
  • Added a text label to state your key fob’s battery level inside of SettingsDrivers and Keys. The indicator text will appear when the battery level is medium or low only.
  • Hotspot Improvements
    • You can now choose the Hotspot button in the status bar to toggle the hotspot on and off and open hotspot settings.
    • Fixed an issue where quickly toggling the hotspot on and off indefinitely disabled it until you restarted the vehicle.
  • Media Fixes and Improvements
    • You can scroll through your Favorites with the left thumb controls on the steering wheel.
    • Fixed a rare issue where TIDAL® crashed when trine to perform a text search. Fixed an occasional issue where the Bluetooth® media player showed the incorrect play/pause state.
    • Fixed an occasional issue where the radio wouldn’t resume playing after returning to your vehicle within five minutes.
  • After you remove the charging cable, the charge port door no longer automatically closes after 30 seconds. The charge port door closes automatically when vou drive the vehicle. You can also manually close it from the center displav or using the sensor on the charge port door.
  • Fixed an issue where an erroneous notification was shown when attempting to use Adaptive Cruise Control while stability control was disabled in vehicle settings.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused inconsistent lane centering when Highway Assist was active.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where you would see an unrelated notification when switching between day and night mode.
  • Fixed a very rare issue that caused an internal loss of communication when turning on a vehicle, which drained the 12 V batteries.