Build: 1b35e554

Update Details

Automatic Ride Height

We have added the ability to enable automatic or manual ride height control to All Purpose and Conserve modes. When the ride height is set to Auto, the vehicle automatically changes to Low ride height at higher speeds for increased efficiency and energy conservation. The vehicle returns to Standard ride height at lower speeds for increased ground clearance and comfort.

Conserve Auto mode has now the same ride height strategy as All Purpose, and hence reduces the amount of suspension auto-adjustment when approaching stop lights in urban environments.

To turn off automatic ride height changes in All-Purpose or Conserve mode, manually select another available ride height. These manual settings are now latching across drive cycles.

Direct Current Fast Charging

We have improved DC fast charging performance and battery preconditioning when using trip planner. In ideal conditions, you may experience up to a 20% improvement in miles added per minute.

Additional Improvements

  • Improved automatic leveling behavior of the vehicle by reducing the frequency of suspension adjustments when the vehicle is at a stand still (4x reduction)
  • Fixed occasional issues with loss of calibration of climate vents
  • Improved cabin comfort vent control behavior
  • Improved cabin comfort cooling while also cooling the drive train in hot conditions
  • Improved range loss over night (15% average improvement)
  • Improved ride comfort with suspension damping changes in high and highest ride heights
  • Front Trunk can now be closed if vehicle is locked
  • Fixed a rare issue with Lock / unlock passive unlock where the closures were unlocked, but door handles did not unfold
  • Improved turn signal canceling behavior when it sometimes canceled too soon during the steering wheel rotation
  • Improved camp speaker lock / unlock functionality
  • Fixed an occasional issue that could cause the volume level settings to change after some cases of vehicle inactivity
  • Fixed a rare issue when mini media player controls and steering wheel media controls become unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue when media audio pauses upon waking Alexa
  • Addressed a rare issue of cellular connectivity not restored when the vehicle returns from poor coverage areas
  • Fixed an issue when the hotspot would turn off after vehicle would go to sleep
  • Fixed an occasional issue when Alexa would not be able to connect to the internet
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing for some Android phones
  • Improvements to Highway Assist lane centering control
  • Improved informative notification displav to let the user know that they should center the vehicle in the lane more before Highway Assist can be engaged