Build: 00ee7394

Update Details

New Camping App Available

For your convenience, you can now do the following:

  • Energy use: To optimize your camping experience inside or outside the vehicle, choose your vehicle’s energy use: Stay Off, Normal, or Stay On.
  • Outlets: 120 V, 12 V, USB-C, and the wireless charging pad stay on. The outlets can stay on for a maximum of 24 hours, with the option to choose a shorter duration.
  • Camp courtesy: You can turn off exterior lights, vehicle sounds, proximity locking or unlocking, and the Gear Guard alarm sound. This also enables quiet cooling or heating.
  • Displays: You can turn off the driver, center, and rear displays.
  • Flood lights: You can turn on the flood lights, which are located near the side mirrors.
  • Vehicle leveling: You can level the vehicle when parked on uneven terrain.

Camping controls, except for the outlets, are available only when the vehicle is in Park. Choose Camping from the menu on the center display.


For the range estimate on the driver display, you can set the state of charge to show distance, percentage, or both. Choose Settings from the menu on the center display, and then choose Vehicle. Choose Units. Under Range in Driver Display, choose the distance, % (percentage), or Both.


You can now choose metric units of measurement for speed, distance, temperature, and air pressure. Choose Settings from the menu on the center display, and then choose Vehicle. Choose Units.


The Rivian mobile app version 1.5.0 or later enables new vehicle commands that allow you to remotely control the hood vent the windows, and activate or stop the panic alarm. (If the new controls don’t automatically appear in the Rivian mobile app, we recommend that you restart the app.)


  • Reduced noise from cabin climate upon vehicle startup.
  • Reduced the offset of the speedometer display. It now indicates no more than 1-2 mph over the actual vehicle speed.
  • Introduced new algorithms for improved proximity unlocking speed and consistency.
  • Updated user profile functionality:
    • Improved user profile detection in case there are multiple users.
    • In addition to the phone key, unlocking the vehicle with a key fob, key card, or key band now loads the profile associated with that key.
  • Fixed an occasional issue: Side mirrors don’t move into the profile position when the vehicle unlocks via proximity unlocking.
  • Updated behavior: Use of a key fob or key card now loads the profile assigned to that key fob or key card.
  • Addressed issues when opening the front trunk may require pressing the button twice if the vehicle is asleep.
  • Displays now can’t be accessed if the Gear Guard alarm is triggered.
  • Reduced battery drain while the vehicle is parked by an average of 10%.
  • Improvements to vehicle sleep behavior:
    • Rear occupancy detection: Heavy objects left in the rear seats won’t prevent vehicle sleep.
    • Outlets that are turned on in the Energy app automatically turn off after 24 hours; then the vehicle can sleep.
  • Addressed the slow display of range on the driver display when the vehicle wakes.
  • Fixed garage door opener interoperability issues with LiftMaster 8500/8500W, CSW24UL, and Jackshaft openers.
  • Addressed issues when the FM Radio would freeze or restart.
  • Increased security of Tuneln integration: This may clear the Favorites and Recents of users who didn’t sign into Tuneln.
  • Fixed an occasional issue: Alexa doesn’t wake up or respond to voice commands.
  • Fixed an occasional issue: The audio volume changes when the vehicle wakes.
  • Fixed an occasional issue in the Navigation app: The vehicle now retains the satellite view while it sleeps.
  • Fixed a rare issue: The trip planner within the Navigation app is offline even though the network status indicates it is connected.
  • Fixed an occasional issue: The charge session summary indicates 0 kWh added after a charge session. • Fixed an occasional issue: A partial keyboard is shown for a phone address or media search.
  • Made various improvements to Adaptive Cruise Control and lane centering for Highway Assist.
  • Improved notifications in case Highway Assist is unavailable.