Build: f03aebd9

Update Details


With the Rivian mobile app 1.7, you will be able to use the mobile app to adjust the remote cabin preconditioning temperature. This allows you to select the desired cabin temperature for when you return to your vehicle.


When you have accessories installed on the rear tow hitch, you can now hide rear visual alerts and mute audio warnings while in reverse. To enable this feature, choose Settings from the menu on the center display, and then choose Vehicle. Choose Driver+ and turn on Rear accessory.


Your Driver+ settings for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) / Highway Assist (HWA) distance, Forward Collision Warning Proximity settings, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Warning, Park Assist Audio Warnings, and Rear Cross-Traffic Warning will now persist across software updates and drive cycles.

Note The Driver+ settings for Rear Cross-Traffic Warning, Park Assist Audio Warnings will default to factory settings after this software update, and after that will persist for future software updates.


  • Improvements to Infotainment System
    • Overall system stability, responsiveness, performance
    • Redesigned Drivers and Keys , Driver+, and Exterior Lighting settings menus
    • Simplified the media panel behavior and made it easier to mark your favorite songs on Spotify and Tuneln
    • Alexa can now be canceled mid-command; say “Alexa, stop” or tap the blue activity bar at any time to immediately end your interaction with Alexa
    • Improvements to various screen animations
  • Fixed rare issue where the navigation application would reset
  • Fixed very rare occurrence of infotainment screen resets
  • Improved FM Radio stability and addressed occasional issues where the radio would not play or would experience intermittent drops in audio
  • Addressed occasional Alexa internet connectivity and echo cancellation issues
  • Addressed occasional issues with Wi-Fi hotspot availability
  • Addressed an occasional issue with the driver’s side gear tunnel door not opening upon first request from gear tunnel release button on the bed rail
  • Passenger-side cabin comfort settings now synchronizes to driver’s settings when a passenger is not present
  • Reduced fan cooling noise and duration after Direct Current Fast Charger (DCFC) charge sessions in moderate ambient temperature
  • Reduced fan cooling noise when you approach the vehicle with passive entry, or manually unlock with key fob, and cabin comfort starts up
  • Addressed an occasional issue where the posted speed limit on the driver’s display is shown in kph (kilometers per hour) instead of mph (miles per hour)
  • Park Assist warnings in Drive will now trigger earlier for obstacles in the front
  • Improved Highway Assist (HWA) lane centering
  • Fixed an occasional issue where Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) was not available after a Highway Assist (HWA) disengagement